Os Hork-Bajir se mudaram depois que os Yeerks invadiram seu vale?


Em # 47 The Resistance, os Yeerks descobrem onde o vale do livre Hork-Bajir é, e subseqüentemente o invadem. Os Yeerks são forçados a recuar.

Nos livros seguintes, os Animorphs, suas famílias e os Hork-Bajir livres continuam a viver em algo a que se referem como "o vale" ou "o vale do livre Hork-Bajir".

  1. Este é o mesmo vale em que os Hork-Bajir costumavam viver antes do ataque Yeerk? (Aquele escondido pelo elimista).

Os Yeerks não teriam retornado àquele Vale com reforços para eliminar o Hork-Bajir livre?

  1. Então, se sim para # 1, como poderia ser seguro para todos morar lá quando os Yeerks soubessem de sua localização?
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Não é o mesmo vale

No último capítulo do livro 47: The Resistance, os Hork-Bajir e os Animorphs deixam o vale em que os Hork-Bajir estavam vivendo, até o final da guerra (quando eles presumivelmente retornam).

Toby had a diagonal slash across her chest and blood dripping from her fingers, but she was seeing to her people.

Comforting, commending.

Explaining that it was time to leave the valley.

At least for a while.


Everyone mourned the dead, but the colony knew it had to move out quickly.

Now that the trees had burned, Visser One might be back with Bug Fighters. He might be mad enough to risk detection.

It would be a long and painful march up and out of the valley and into the hills.

I pulled Toby away from her preparations.

"You know they'll be back. Not today, but soon."

She nodded.

"I know, Jake. But we won today. It may not feel like victory, but the valley is ours now. Forever. We've paid for it."

She took a deep breath.

"We'll stay away until the war is over. We know we have to. We had our chance to fight for freedom. That's all we really wanted."

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