Worf de Star Trek: The Next Generation foi uma reflexão tardia?


Em referência a esta questão sobre o elenco do personagem" Data "na série Star Trek: The Next Generation , notei que não há menção ao personagem Worf. Ele foi mesmo um personagem primário ou adicionado mais tarde?

por Rodger Cooley 19.01.2011 / 19:59

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Em A melhor equipe da frota: o elenco da próxima geração e fora , Adam Schrager diz que Rodenberry queria evitar recauchutar as coisas da série original, portanto Worf não pretendia ser um personagem regular na série.

19.01.2011 / 20:22

Este tópico de rec.arts.startrek em 1990, fazendo referência a um A nota de chamada de elenco de março de 1987 foi bastante interessante na época. É aparentemente um conjunto de notas de elenco para a série. Todos os personagens principais foram mencionados de alguma forma, exceto por Worf. Texto levantado liberalmente abaixo:

Seeking the following regulars:

Captain Julian Picard: A Caucasian man in his 50's who is very youthful and in prime physical condition. Born in Paris, his Gallic accent appears only when deep emotions are triggered. He is definitely a 'romantic' and believes strongly in concepts like honor and duty. Captain Picard commands the Enterprise. He should have a mid-Atlantic accent, and a wonderfully rich speaking voice...

Number One (AKA William Ryker): A 30-35 year old Caucasian born in Alaska. He is a pleasant looking man with sex appeal, of medium height, very agile and strong, a natural psychologist. Number One, as he usually is called, is second in command of the Enterprise and has a very strong, solid relationship with the Captain...

Lt. Commander Data: He is an android who has the appearance of a man in his mid 30's. Data should have exotic features and can be any one of the following racial groups: Asian, American Indian, East Indian, South American Indian or similar racial groups. He is in perfect physical condition and should appear very intelligent...

Lt. Tanya Hernandez: 26 year old woman of Ukranian descent who serves as the starship's security chief. She is described as having a new quality of conditioned-body beauty, a fire in her eyes and muscularly well developed and very female body, but keeping in mind that much of her strength comes from attitude. Tanya has an almost obsessive devotion to protecting the ship and its crew and treats Capt. Picard and Number One as if they were saints...

Lt. Deanna Troi: An alien woman who is tall (5'8" - 6') and slender. about 30 years old and quite beautiful. She serves as the starship's Chief Psychologist. Deanna is probably foreign (anywhere from Italian, Greek, Hungarian, Russian, Icelandic, etc.) with looks and accent to match. She and Number One are romantically involved. Her alien 'look' is still to be determined...

Wesley Crusher: A small 18 (or almost 18) year old boy to play 15, his remarkable mind and photographic memory make it seem not unlikely for him to become, at 15, a Star Fleet Acting Ensign. Wesley is more of an intense (not cute) teenager whose energy comes from an inquisitive nature...

Beverly Crusher: Wesley's 35 year old mother. She serves as the chief medical officer on the starship. If it were not for her intelligence, personality, beauty, and the fact that she has the natural walk of a striptease queen, Capt. Picard might not have agreed to her request that Wesley observe bridge activities; therefore letting her son's intelligence carry events further...

Lt. Geordi LaForge: A 20-25 year old black man, blind form birth. With the help of a special prosthetic device he wears, his vision far surpasses anything the human eye can see. Although he is young, he is quite mature and is best friends with Data. Please do not submit any 'street' types, as Geordi has perfect diction and might even have a Jamaican accent. Should also do comedy well...

13.01.2012 / 21:51

Worf não aparece na 1ª temporada "Series Bible.", de 23 de março de 1987

A tripulação listada é:

  • Capitão Jean Luc Picard
  • Comandante William Riker
  • Lt. Comandante Data
  • Lt. Comandante Deanna Troi
  • Lt. Natasha "Tasha" Yar
  • Ten. (JG) Geordi La Forge
  • CMO Beverly Crusher
  • Britador Wesley

( uma análise do que está disponível online em leethomson.myzen.co.uk )

Worf estava, no entanto, no documento da proposta para a série. (Que não consigo encontrar online no momento.)

Então, Worf era um personagem recorrente originalmente, aparentemente foi descartado e depois colocado de volta mais tarde.

13.01.2012 / 04:53

De uma entrevista vagamente lembrada de Rodenberry. O personagem Worf foi intencionado o tempo todo, mas mantido em segredo, então seria uma surpresa no premier Next Generation. Os klingons eram um inimigo da Federação na série original e Rodenberry queria mostrar progresso - antigos inimigos se tornando aliados.

27.07.2012 / 23:00