Nome do filme de animação sobre um garoto que encontra uma moeda que convoca um guerreiro


Eu vi um filme quando eu tinha cerca de 4 anos (1993-) este foi um filme animado (American Style) onde o protagonista, um menino, encontrou uma moeda que, quando virada, invocaria um guerreiro de dentro. O enredo era para devolver a moeda a uma espécie de compêndio de pedestal dentro de uma montanha vulcânica. Por favor, encontre para mim o nome desse filme. Qual é o nome desse filme?

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Poderia ser The Legend do havaiano Slammers , um cartoon de 1994 usado para lucrar com a popularidade dos pogs?

Of course, our hero is a young blond boy named Ronnie who loves the game of pogs and accidentally discovers an ancient pog one day. Meanwhile our villain is an old Irish man dressed in all green named Dr. Karl Von Fragman who enters in to the volcano in Hawaii to claim the dark slammer and figures out how to summon its dark creature. The heroes and villains for the most part are about as generic as the images you’d find on a pog.

It feels as if someone took a hand full of pogs, dropped them on a table and asked writers to make something out of their images, no matter how unusual without infringing on copyrights, and they obliged two-fold. Fragman’s minions are Shadow Slammer, a reaper who controls the dark, a lava monster, a living storm woman, a lead golem thing, and a fire controlling man (who seems redundant when you consider our hero, Sun, can control fire).

Speaking of Sun, our hero, he’s a stock sun man with a flowing head of blond hair. There are other heroes as well each based around Rain, Earth, Gold and Ice. Again, all heroes generic enough to dodge claims of plagiarism. There’s never a real explanation as to why the entities in the pogs fought for a hundred years, and now need to be commanded to fight. And there’s no reason what Fragman plans when he has the dark slammers, or what the goals of slammers are at all. But then this is show where the hero persuades a little boy to climb in to the heart of an active volcano to do battle with a dangerous old man and his monsters.

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Meus termos de pesquisa foram menino de cartum de 1993 convoca guerreiro com moeda , que trouxe um tópico do Reddit onde alguém estava procurando por ele e obteve uma resposta.

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