Procurando por um livro sobre um grupo de pessoas hibernando enquanto viaja entre as estrelas [duplicata]


O livro que estou procurando era sobre um navio lançado de uma terra agonizante para colonizar outro planeta. A história é contada em flashbacks e o personagem principal sonha com vidas passadas enquanto hibernava.

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Possivelmente O Milênio dos Sonhos , James White, 1974.

John Devlin, a 26-year-old medical doctor, is the captain of a sleeper ship built to colonize planets in other solar systems. The spacecraft's trajectory is such that it will make passes of eleven[3] stars thought to have a good chance of supporting habitable planets, over the course of about a thousand years. Most of the starship's systems are automated, so Devlin does not have to do much maintenance, but he is required to look at potential planets for colonization and solve problems as they arise. Except for being awoken at long intervals to eat, exercise, and perform his duties as captain, Devlin spends all of his time in hibernation, during which he dreams the entire lives of people and other creatures that lived and died on Earth in the past.

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" Espero que chegue em breve " é o título de um conto de Philip K. Dick com o mesmo tópico. Também é conhecido como "Frozen Journey".

In the story, a man (Victor Kemmings) regains consciousness during a failed attempt at cryosleep on board a spaceship. The ship's artificial intelligence cannot repair the malfunction and cannot wake him, so Kemmings is doomed to remain conscious but paralyzed through the ship's entire ten-year-long journey. To maintain his sanity, the A.I. replays Kemmings's memories to him.

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