O desfecho de Limitless foi retransmitido?


Nas cenas finais de Limitless , o personagem de Bradley Cooper, Eddie Morra, revela que

he's weaned himself off NZT, such that he retains the positive effects but no longer has to take the pill.

No entanto, no programa de TV com o mesmo nome, Morra sugere a Brian Finch que

he's taking the pill, but developed an immunity shot to protect him from the negative side-effects on an ongoing basis; he then offers to provide Finch with this shot in exchange for loyalty and information from inside the FBI.

Mesmo que ele estivesse mentindo para Finch, parece estranho que ele teria produzido o tiro em primeiro lugar, se fosse possível "treinar" a mente de exigir a pílula.

Provavelmente, ele pode querer manter Finch ao seu lado, simplesmente não revelando que é possível continuar sendo um super-gênio sem um fornecimento contínuo de NZT, mas na metade da temporada aprendemos que Morra aparentemente

wants Finch to become a partner, and put him through the pain of the early episodes merely as a test of loyalty,

e, aparentemente, tem poucas razões para continuar enganando-o desta maneira.

O dispositivo "weaning off" foi retirado do filme para o programa? Ou eu perdi alguma coisa no programa que explicou a aparente discrepância? Os produtores já abordaram isso? Ou simplesmente permanece um mistério por enquanto?

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Ok, então no final do Limitess Film, é verdade que parece que Morra não estava fora do NZT e escolheu o caminho do político por uma razão não divulgada que finalmente define o depate de seus motivos no programa de TV, que não são claros e enlameados por Agent Sands e a Legião de Quem ...

Mas a ideia de um "NZT" foi mencionada em algumas das linhas finais de diálogo entre Eddie Morra e Carl Van Loon:

Carl Van Loon: What are you doing? Do you wanna be president of the United States or brain dead, stuck full of tubes?

Eddie Morra: I’ll take my chances.

Carl Van Loon: I told you, your chances don’t exist. We shut down your lab.

Eddie Morra: You don’t think some smart ass in NZT might have two or three or even four labs?

Carl Van Loon: So what? You’re not making anymore.

Eddie Morra: That’s right. I’m not. I thought better of it. See, once you know what’s in it, you can tweak and re-engineer it, and get the bugs out. Taper off. I’m off it, Carl.

Carl Van Loon: Well, on it or off it, there’s no scenario where you’re not working for me.

Eddie Morra: How are you gonna pay me? In cigarettes?

Então, basicamente, assim como ele estava mentindo sobre estar fora do NZT, é mais que Morra não contou a Van Loon toda a verdade e se tornou "um narrador não confiável" , porque Limitless Série de TV, apesar da manipulação de Morra por Brian Finch, a verdade é que, como ele confessa a Brian no piloto, Morra provavelmente ainda teria efeitos colaterais entre o filme e a série de TV. O tempo entre eles é de quatro anos e Morra diz que teve uma dor de cabeça há dois anos.

Limitless 1.01 Pilot - Transcript:

Eddie Morra: You think it's bad now, it's only gonna get worse. You actually might remember this moment as the last time you felt vaguely human. But it doesn't have to be that way, Brian. I took a pill this morning. I've taken a pill every morning for the past four years. I can't remember the last time I felt bad. That's not true. No, I had a headache two years ago.

Biran Finch: How how did you how did you do that?

Morra: That. Millions of dollars of private research. It works on a cyclical enzyme system. Oh, you don't know what that means. It doesn't matter. All you need to remember is that every so often, you take one of these shots. And you can have as much NZT as you want with no side effects.

MAS a série de TV revela que Morra trabalhou em uma solução mais perminante. Em 1,12 espectadores vêm conhecer Piper Baird, cuja pessoa que ajudou a criar a enzima que nega os efeitos colaterais da NZT , mas Piper acredita que Morra está tentando manter NZT para si e então ela tentando matá-lo por supostamente matar seu namorado e encontrar uma maneira de replicar a enzima. Então, novamente, podemos supor que em algum momento entre o filme e a série de TV, Piper ajudou a Morra a superar o plano de reforço, mas dependeu de várias pessoas & Morra manteve os outros usuários do NZT, incluindo Piper, de serem capazes de encontrar uma solução melhor (do que a foto de imunidade) para eles mesmos ...

1.12 The Assasination of Eddie Morra - Transcript:

Piper: He came to me when I was writing my dissertation. I guess he'd read some of my work. He told me about NZT, how he was trying to alleviate the side effects and how, if I could help him do it, the pill might help my mom.

Finch: You invented the enzyme?

Piper: Well, me and some other people. I don't know who they are. Morra kept us all separate.

No final da temporada, Piper encontra uma maneira de replicar a enzima e faz uma fórmula que dá a Brian uma solução permanente contra os efeitos colaterais do NZT-48.

Este é também o que o EP Limitless Craig Sweeney tinha a dizer sobre estas coisas, em relação ao local onde elas teriam ido na segunda temporada

Looking to Brian’s newfound permanent immunity, will there be any side effects? And what can you say about the decision to take that step now? I think we felt like we had told the story of Brian under the thumb of Eddie Morra and Sands, and needing to get those clandestine booster shots. We wanted to move forward from that, basically, and we felt like the beats would get repetitive if we were telling more stories where, “Oh, Brian needs to get his booster shot” or “Oh, he needs to get this file or he won’t get this booster shot.” We did a lot of things like that, which worked really well.

But we really wanted to have Rebecca and Brian move forward on an honest footing with each other. The need for the immunity shot for Brian, and the layers of deception that go with it, we cleared the deck to explore a relationship between Brian and Rebecca in a more meaningful and honest way.

To get more specific about the way the immunity works, is this a situation where if someone wanted to replicate it, they could test Brian and try to duplicate what they find? Or is it in his system in a way that’s untraceable?

They could certainly try, and it would be interesting. It’s not as if the FBI knows how to do it yet. They’re definitely going to be studying him. Piper is not out there, giving it away freely; he is a kind of Rosetta stone, which makes him a lot of interest to them in Season 2.

What Brian and Morra’s relationship might be like going forward now that Brian doesn’t really need him?

A new adversary will emerge in Season 2—who has a history with Morra—who Morra will take very seriously. Eddie and Brian, instead of being uneasy adversaries, they’ll be uneasy allies in Season 2.


UDATE: Adicionada a Transcrição Piloto para melhor apoiar que Morra ainda estava tomando NZT e teve alguns efeitos colaterais até algum tempo entre o filme e a série de TV.

Nota: Um personagem que acabou de dizer algo não é uma evidência concreta da verdade. No entanto, isso não contradiz o filme, uma vez que nunca sabemos ao certo se o que Morra diz a Van Loon é 100% preciso.

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Vários finais foram considerados para o filme.

De: link :

Q: How happy are you with the final film—what we see on the screen?

Leslie Dixon: Well, I was in control of the script. I had it in my contract that they couldn’t hire another writer because I controlled the underlying rights at the time the deal was set up.

Q: Nice—and extremely uncommon.

Leslie Dixon: There were some pressures to do a couple of things that I didn’t agree with and which I had to succumb to, and I won’t say at the moment what those were, but at least I was the one who made the changes.

Overall I would say that 100% of the movie is verbatim from my final script, and 98% of it is what I wanted. The voiceover was changing all through post-production, but what’s on the screen is the last draft.

Q: Quite an accomplishment for a writer—or in this case, writer-producer, which seems to have made the difference.

Leslie Dixon: That’s really it. I know that’s not often true. In the end, other writers come in and polish things and shit. And even here, there’s a really bad ending that I was forced to write, and which got discarded. And they said oh, we’re going to reshoot this, and we did, so the ending that’s in the movie now is closer to what I prefer.

Q: What’s your 100% preferred ending?

Leslie Dixon: I’m not answering that! There have been so many.

Q: And of course there’s an alternate ending on the DVD.

Leslie Dixon: I don’t know why the director included it. I think it sucks. That was a bad day. And that alternate ending is a perfect example of what happens when the studio has some ideas, I know what I want but a lot of other people are chiming in, the actors have ideas—and it ends up being the way no one wants.

It’s like a bunch of lions fighting for scraps of meat and in the end you just get kind of a bloody pulp. But that was really the only area of the movie where anything like that happened, and fortunately we had the chance to fix it.

Q: I like the way you tied it together with him being the guy who bought the company.

Leslie Dixon: That was something that was not in the original ending, or the book. Again, I had to bring him back to make it all one piece, and that’s why the ending was so difficult to nail: it was a contortion, like turning a script that has had a very logical but cynical ending into a Cirque du Soleil contortionist to try to get De Niro back into it.

It was very difficult, and there’s still a loose end that people on message boards complain about, which is the woman who died. And all I’ll say is that in the ending that I sold the script with, that was all fully explained, but it ended up having to be a dropped plot thread as to whether he’d killed that woman or not.

Aqui está um (possível, não verificado) um: link .

Eu não vi o programa de TV, mas não é preciso um grande salto de imaginação para ver como eles poderiam se sentir à vontade para seguir seus próprios caminhos criativos, levando em conta que o final do filme não foi "ambientado" pedra ", por assim dizer.


Isso tem o POV do diretor, Neil Burger, onde ele fala sobre os problemas que eles tiveram com o final, de link :

Q: I know it’s a little unusual to talk after the film has come out a week later, but I really enjoyed your movie. Something that I heard through the grapevine was that you reshot the ending and that the original ending was a little bit more ambiguous. The ending that you have released is a little bit more definitive. Could you talk about whether or not that is true and the reason why you did that?

Burger: Well, we were working very fast. I think the original production was about 43 days, which for the number of locations, effects, fights, and all of that stuff we were doing was a pretty tight schedule. So we were moving quickly. We had never quite loved the ending. [Screenwriter] Leslie [Dixon] and I had gone back and forth on trying to figure out how to nail it down. We were changing it and fine tuning it till the end. Literally, on the day as we went into it we were like, “I don’t think this is quite it.” So we shot it and it’s actually conceptually the same as the ending that is there…kind of. What we reshot is almost like an expansion of what had been in the original ending. So we got to the end it and what was interesting was that once we put the film together my editor, Naomi Geraghty, and I with another editor, Tracy Adams, who was another editor who came on a little bit later, got to the ending of our first assembly and we were like, “Well, it’s really good and we like it, but the ending is not quite there.” So I started working on it right away. I started coming up with ideas and I was pitching them to Leslie [Dixon] to write, but we could never get De Niro and Bradley [Cooper] in the same place at the same time until about two months ago actually in January. So, we then went out and did it. It’s different, but it’s based on the same. It just has more beats. It’s just bigger, stronger, and a more powerful ending. I mean, it’s slightly ambiguous as well, but it’s a more definitive ambiguity.

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