Como o Dukat foi direcionado para o DS9?


DS9 "Lágrimas dos Profetas":

(Dax lights a couple of big candles then turns to the Orb box.)

DAX: I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly. I don't come here a lot. And to be perfectly honest, I feel more comfortable thinking of you as wormhole # aliens, but Kira believes you're much more than that. Maybe she's right, I don't know. But if you are Prophets, and you're listening, I just want to say

(A wind blows through the shrine and puts out her candles. Dukat beams in.)

DAX: Dukat.

(Dax goes for her phaser but Dukat stretches out his arm and the red Pah Wraith energy lifts her off the floor. Then he lets her drop. She lies very still. Dukat goes through the protective forcefield and takes hold of the Orb box. He opens it and the Pah wraith energy rushes into it. The orb turns from gleaming crystal to dull black. He screams and drops to his knees, no longer possessed. Outside the wormhole opens then collapses in on itself.)

Dukat deixa Cardassia enquanto uma enorme frota de navios se dirige para lá para atacá-lo. Em que nave ele estava?

Como Dukat foi para a estação espacial? De onde ele veio?

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O script indica que na próxima vez que vermos Dukat, ele está no ônibus da Federação ele roubou de Sisko.

Parece provável que essa é a razão pela qual ele conseguiu se aproximar da estação sem disparar nenhum sinal de alerta:

81. INT. DOMINION BRIEFING ROOM (OPTICAL): Weyoun and Damar are talking to the image of Dukat, on a monitor. Dukat is on the Federation shuttle he stole in "Waltz."

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