Por que Eliza sempre usa um cronômetro perto da banheira?


No filme de Fantasia, A Forma da Água (2017) , Eliza sempre leva um temporizador perto da banheira.

por Matt Crowe 06.03.2018 / 09:35

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De acordo com o diretor do filme, é porque ela está cozinhando ovos . Sério.

“I wanted to show the way she dreams of water, uses water to boil her eggs, and then goes and gets in the water, and masturbates, shines her shoes, and goes to work. A perfectly acceptable routine by any standards,” he said, chuckling to himself. Elisa’s masturbation is part of her daily routine, becoming almost rote in the flow of the movie. Del Toro wanted to show female sexuality as something natural, which he recognized is so rarely done onscreen.

Guillermo del Toro on Why the Masturbation Scene in ‘The Shape of Water’ Is so Vital: Awards Season Spotlight Profile

09.03.2018 / 19:28

A novela oficial do filme (co-escrita pelo escritor do filme / diretor) confirma que sua intenção com o temporizador de ovo é ... tempo ovos.

Instead, the world has conquered her. No amount of gewgaws picked up for pennies at garage sales and pinned to the walls can hide the termite-gnawed wood or distract from the bugs that scatter the second she turns on the light. She chooses not to notice; it’s her only hope to get through the night, the following day, the subsequent life. She crosses to the kitchenette, sets the egg timer, drops three eggs into a pot of water, and continues to the bathroom.

.... [a few minutes later]

But the timer, that infernal pip-squeak, ding-a-ling-a-ling-a-lings. Elisa splutters, embarrassed even though she’s alone, and stands, her limbs shiny and draining. She wraps in a bathrobe and pads shivering back to the kitchen, where she kills the stovetop and accepts the clock’s bad news: 11:07 p.m

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