Por que Kylo Ren não usou a Força para extrair informações de Lor San Tekka?


No início de The Force Awakens , Kylo Ren confronta Lor San Tekka em Jakku, porque a Primeira Ordem aprendeu que

Tekka has part of a map that leads to Luke Skywalker.

No filme, Kylo Ren demonstra em várias ocasiões que ele pode

use the Force to extract information from individuals' minds.

Também é muito claro que o Supremo Líder Snoke está muito interessado em

obtaining the map, rather than simply preventing it from finding its way to the Resistance.

Finalmente, está claro que Kylo Ren acredita

that reading one's memory of the map is sufficient — which is why he suspends the search for BB-8 after he learns that Rey has seen the map.

Então, em vez de

executing Tekka,

por que Kylo Ren não tentou extrair as informações de sua mente?

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  1. Ele era (como notado anteriormente) basicamente um emo adolescente chorão por dentro. Novelização é MUITO claro que ele basicamente matou Tekka em um ataque de birra.

    Primeiro, ele negocia com a Tekka para obter o mapa:

    You know what I’ve come for.
    “I know where you come from.” ...
    From behind the mask, a growl: feral, but still human. “Careful. The map to Skywalker. We understand you’ve acquired it. And now you’re going to give it to the First Order.” ...
    “You don’t belong with them.” Tekka spoke calmly, ...
    Impatience on the part of the visitor gave way to exasperation. “How is it possible that a conversation becomes so tedious, so quickly?” A sweep of one long arm encompassed the boundaries of the village. “Don’t turn a simple transaction into a tragedy for these people.” A tincture of undiluted sadism stained the voice behind the mask. “Hasn’t your presence here done enough for them already?”
    “I made my peace with these folk and this place long ago. As to the other, to turn away from your heritage is the true tragedy.”

    Então toda a linha de conversa de Tekka chega até ele, e ele faz uma birra:

    Ren stiffened ever so slightly as he leaned forward. “Enough witless banter.” He held out a hand. “Old man, give it to me.”
    “You may try,” Tekka responded with quiet defiance, “but you cannot deny the truth that is your family.”
    Kylo Ren seemed to grow before him. Rage flared behind the mask as reason gave way to fury. A lightsaber appeared in one hand, flaring to life, a barely stable crimson shaft notable for two smaller projections at the hilt: a killer’s weapon, an executioner’s fetish of choice. “So true.”

  2. Dito isto, provavelmente não teria importância:

    • Tekka provavelmente não teria visto o mapa, então é impossível ler o conteúdo do mapa de sua mente.

    • Ren sabe que eles podem encontrar o mapa eles mesmos, já que não tem como ele ter segregado para longe da vila (ele não descobre sobre Poe até que ele mata Tekka e Poe o ataca). E ele não fica sabendo sobre o BB-8 até depois da leitura da mente Poe

      “Your orders, sir?” she murmured.
      Kylo Ren surveyed his blazing surroundings. He had already spent too much time here, to only partial satisfaction. He disliked such delays. “Kill them all, Captain Phasma, and search the village. Every building, every possible storage facility and place of concealment. When your troops have razed it to the ground, search the ground. Scanners, perceptors. You know what to look for.”

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