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How many bonds did Daniel Craig do?

five Bond films
Craig starred in five Bond films between 20, with his on-screen tenure being unexpectedly prolonged by a series of delays to his final outing caused by production issues and later the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Who has done the most Bond films?

5 Roger Moore - 7 Movies

Roger Moore still holds the record for playing James Bond the most in the official Eon series.
How did Pierce Brosnan leave James Bond? Ultimately, it was decided that a fresh start was required for the franchise, so Brosnan was given the boot. Instead of announcing that he had been fired, Brosnan decided to be the gentleman of the situation and claimed that he was stepping down from the role by his own volition.

Who was the third James Bond?

Roger Moore: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

With a worldwide gross of more than $184 million, Moore's third film as Bond is primarily noteworthy in the series' canon as the film that introduced the world to Jaws (Richard Kiel), the spy's hulking, metal-toothed adversary.
Where was the big house in A View to a Kill? Château de Chantilly and the Great Stables were featured prominently in the Bond movie A View to a Kill (1985), as the estate of evil Max Zorin (played by Christopher Walken).

How old was Daniel Craig in Casino Royale?

Pierce Brosnan

"Die Another Day" was critically panned, but it was a box-office hit. Brosnan, 49, was in negotiations to return as Bond, but the producers pulled out. They turned to a fresh, less-expensive 007, 36-year-old Craig, for 2006's "Casino Royale."
Which chateau is in A View to a Kill?
The Chantilly castle
The Chantilly castle was part of the set of the James Bond movie "A View to a Kill". It is accessible by train from Paris.

Why is there a disclaimer at the beginning of A View to a Kill?

The disclaimer, "Neither the name Zorin, nor any other name or character in this film, is meant to portray a real company or actual person" was added, after producers discovered a real company known as Zoran Ladicorbic Ltd. Their industry was fashion design. Who is the oldest Bond? According to IMDb, Roger Moore was the oldest actor to play James Bond. In his final Bond film, A View to a Kill, Moore was 58 when he bowed out of the role. Daniel Craig is 53 years old as he parts ways with 007. Ironically, Sean Connery was also 53 when he last put on Bond's suit in Never Say Never Again.

How old is Eva Green Casino Royale?

On and off screen, the 26-year-old French actress circles her eyes in black eyeliner.

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