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How many Horcruxes did Harry destroy?

In reality, the matter was more complicated, as Dumbledore would reveal to Harry in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince that the diary was just one of seven Horcruxes. This Horcrux, of course, was destroyed by Harry with the basilisk fang during that final confrontation with Riddle.

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Did Hermione know Harry was a Horcrux?

Given Hermione's intellect, many assume that Hermione realized that Harry was the last Horcrux that Voldemort accidentally created. Despite this, according to the book series, Hermione did not know that Harry was a Horcrux. After Harry defeated Voldemort, he told Hermione and Ron everything. What was the symbol of the Horcrux? The Sign of the Deathly Hallows was a triangular mark used as a representation of the Deathly Hallows, three legendary objects that allegedly, if united, would make one the "Master of Death", also known as the "Vanquisher of Death" and the "Conqueror of Death".

Did Dumbledore know Harry was a Horcrux?

It's easy to forget, given his undeniable talent for knowing things and his astonishing powers of deduction. But Dumbledore does learn and discover and realize things throughout the Harry Potter series. And at this point, he still does not know about the Horcruxes. Is Harry a half blood? Harry James Potter holds half-blood status in Rowling's imagined wizarding world because his mother is Muggle-born and his father is pure-blood. There are three main blood statuses; pure-blood, half-blood, and Muggle-born, which are all methods of determining a witch or wizard's magical lineage.

Which twin died in Harry Potter?

During the Battle of Hogwarts, Fred is killed in an explosion. Before his death, Fred reconciles with his estranged brother Percy, who arrives at Hogwarts to participate in the fight and apologises to the family for not believing them. Percy, who was right next to him, was distraught, and refused to leave Fred's body. What happened to Quirrel hollow Knight? After the conversation, the Knight can choose to sit next to him in silence. Doing so rewards the Witness achievement. After leaving the room, Quirrel disappears. His nail can be seen planted into the ground beside the Lake.

Why did Quirrell drinking unicorn blood?

As he was possessing Quirinus Quirrell and inhabiting his body at the time, Quirrell drank the blood on Voldemort's behalf. This was because Quirrell's body was dying as it is from sharing it with Voldemort's fragmented soul. What is the spell to make a Horcrux? The actual process of creating a Horcrux is unknown; according to J.K. Rowling, it involves a spell and a 'series of things you would have to do' that are 'too horrible' to say out loud. What we do know, however, is how to split a soul – murder. According to Horace Slughorn, murder is, 'the supreme act of evil...

Who has the Hufflepuff cup?

Hepzibah Smith
The cup was passed down through the Hufflepuff family, and through the centuries made its way to Hepzibah Smith, a descendant who kept the cup as a priceless heirloom. In 1946, Smith showed the cup to Tom Marvolo Riddle, who was at that time employed at Borgin and Burkes.

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