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What is Thanos famous line?

"You Should Have Gone For The Head." This isn't just one of Thanos' most iconic lines, but it has become one of the most iconic quotes in the entire MCU. The moment comes right at the end of Avengers: Infinity War and leads to the snap actually taking place, which changes everything.

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How old is Starlord?

38 years old
Star-Lord: 38 years old

Peter Quill was born in 1980, making him 34-ish in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies since they both take place in 2014. So, when he makes it back to Earth for Infinity War, he'll be 38.
Who was Thanos in love with?
As the entity reveals to Thanos that their energies merged when he was resurrected, creating an offspring called the Rot. Death and Thanos work together to destroy their offspring, and it is at this time that Death finally addresses Thanos and admits to feeling "love" for him.

How old is Peter Parker?

Age:18 (Spider-Man) 20 (Spider-Man 2) 21 (Spider-Man 3) (Born 1984)
Height:5' 8" (1.73 m)
Weight:162 lbs (73 kg)
Relatives/friends:Aunt May Uncle Ben Mary Jane Watson (girlfriend) Harry Osborn (best friend)
Does Nebula eat? After the Attack on Berhert, Nebula finally ate the Yaro Root, only to discover that the Guardians were telling the truth and that the fruit was not ripe.

Is Nebula adopted?

The fierce warrior Nebula is the adopted daughter of Thanos and the “sister” of Gamora. As the Mad Titan raised his “daughters,” he trained the two in combat, often forcing them to face off against each other. Is Nebula an android? Video Streaming Platform Nebula is now available on Android TV.

Can Red Skull leave Vormir?

Red Skull led them to it and disappeared after Thanos sacrificed Gamora as he claimed his prize. As Thanos had obtained the stone, Red Skull's curse was broken, and he was free to leave Vormir and pursue his own goals once more. Why is Thanos purple but Eros isn t? However, Thanos, on the other hand, was affected by the Deviant Syndrome, which transformed his body into a giant and gave him a purple look. The Syndrome gave Thanos something like Deviants and Deviants Skrulls. Eternal and Eros, Starfox in MCU have human looks but have different superpowers and cosmic beauty.

Is Alars a Celestial?

A'Lars, like every Eternal, was created by the Celestials one million years ago. He became a scientist like his father, Kronos, and was regarded as a man who had learned great wisdom over his long life.

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